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EXS Delay Spray Plus - What is a 'Delay Spray'?

EXS Delay Spray Plus - What is a 'Delay Spray'?

Put simply, EXS Delay Spray Plus is a product that has been designed to help men last longer in bed. It is a topical spray that is applied directly to the head of the penis before sex, and it works by reducing sensitivity and delaying ejaculation. While this may sound like a serious product (and for many it is!), there are many benefits to using EXS Delay Spray that go beyond just improving your sex life…

First and foremost, it is important to understand what a delay spray is. A delay spray is a product that is intended to desensitise the penis allowing you to last longer. There are many different types of Delay Sprays, including all natural products (such as EXS Delay Spray) which contains ingredients such as Clove Oil. But there are also other types which use local anaesthetics such as lidocaine or benzocaine. When using EXS Delay Spray Plus, make sure you apply 3 – 5 sprays, 15 mins before Sexual Intercourse and then gently massage the liquid in to the head of the penis (under the foreskin) allowing the spray to fully absorb.

So what are the benefits of using EXS Delay Spray?

Firstly, using EXS Delay Spray Plus can help boost your confidence in the bedroom. If you've ever felt embarrassed or ashamed about finishing too quickly, you know how much of a blow it can be to your self-esteem. By using EXS Delay Spray Plus, you can take control of your sexual performance and feel more confident and in control.

In addition to boosting your confidence, using EXS Delay Spray can also help improve your relationship with your partner. When you're able to last longer in bed, you're more likely to be able to satisfy your partner and give them the pleasure they deserve. This can lead to a stronger, more fulfilling relationship both in and out of the bedroom.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of using EXS Delay Spray is the fact that it can help you enjoy sex more. When you're not constantly worried about finishing too quickly, you're able to relax and enjoy the experience. This can lead to more intense orgasms and a greater overall sense of pleasure. Think of EXS Delay Spray as your little guardian angel when things get steamy in the bedroom…!

Finally, EXS Delay Spray can be used in conjunction with all other EXS products as the spray is compatible with both EXS condoms and lubricants! Just note, that EXS Delay Spray is not a contraceptive!

So if you're looking for a way to improve your sex life and boost your confidence, then look no further than EXS Delay Spray. With its easy-to-use, all-natural formula and proven results, it's the perfect solution for anyone looking to take their sexual performance to the next level. Plus, with the added benefits of improved relationships and greater pleasure, it's a win-win for everyone involved.

Ps. Don’t fancy taking a bottle of delay spray on a night out with you? No worries, EXS also produce a discreet and handy Delay Wipe product. EXS Delay Wipes are produced with the same natural formula as Delay Spray only in a simple wipe form. This allows you to carry the wipe in your pocket for quick and easy use on the go!

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