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Brand Ambassador

Launch of the EXS Brand Ambassador programme!


2022 saw the launch of the EXS Ambassador Programme. We launched this programme to work with like-minded individuals and organisations who have a passion for equality, diversity and the encouragement of safer sex!


EXS Brand Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors:

· Debbie Bere, Sex Educator - Sex Debbie @ @sex.debbie (insta)

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Sex Debbie is a sex educator. She looks to help all, from young people to adults, understand the importance of regular Sex Re-Education. Normalising conversations about sex, understanding why we may find some things uncomfortable and celebrating safe, consensual sex and relationships. Breaking taboos and learning together as we grow through all the chapters of our lives.


Become an EXS brand Ambassador today!

We would love to welcome you on board as part of team EXS! Being an EXS Condom Brand Ambassador has a host of benefits for you and the community and we are always looking for more Ambassadors to spread the message of EXS.

If you are interested in becoming an EXS Brand Ambassador, get in contact today by emailing or by sending us a message to @exscondomsofficial on Instagram

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