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How to Last Longer in the Bedroom

How to Last Longer in the Bedroom

Ever wished you could have lasted a little longer? Lasting longer during sex can prolong pleasure for both partners, which is why we’ve put together some effective strategies, including details of our brand-new delay product, for extending pleasure by the delay experts at EXS! We will explore ways you can last longer during sex and impress your intimate partner. 


Why Might I Need Delay Products? 

Anyone with a penis can use our Delay Range, whether you suffer from premature ejaculation or you just want an extra boost so you and your intimate partner can enjoy the whole journey together. Premature ejaculation is not just a part of getting old, but in fact it's an issue in the bedroom for men of any age. The effects of early ejaculation can be devastating, leaving you feeling embarrassed and insecure. This knocks your confidence which inevitably impacts your sexual performance the next time you and your partner are intimate, which becomes a vicious cycle.  

There are many factors that can affect your performance in the bedroom such as stress, anxiety, other personal factors and sometimes, a lack of sexual intimacy. These are all reasons people tend to use delay products.  


Exploring EXS Delay Products  

Each product in our Delay Range has been meticulously designed to help delay ejaculation and enhance your sexual performance for the pleasure of both you and your partner. Notably, all our products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, catering to conscious consumers seeking ethical intimacy solutions. 


Delay Cream 

Introducing our newest delay range product, EXS Delay Cream! The Delay Cream has an innovative new application method for your ease and pleasure. It has the same effects as the Delay Spray Plus, except the formula is different. We decided to create a moisturising formula, making the application more precise. To apply, pull back your foreskin and rub the cream on the end of the penis. Leave for 30 mins and you will be good to go. It also feels good if you get someone else to apply it for you 😉. Just apply and enjoy the extra time before you reach climax. 


Delay Spray Plus 

One of our bestselling products, the EXS Delay Spray Plus is a favoured choice among men worldwide for its ability to temporarily reduce sensitivity, allowing for controlled and pleasurable sexual experiences. Its effectiveness in addressing premature ejaculation, a common concern for many, regardless of age, underscores its popularity. To apply, spray 3-5 sprays onto the end of your penis, and wait 30 minutes. This gives you time to tease your partner and get them warmed up for the best night of their life. 


Review of our Delay Spray Plus: 

‘Really liked this product. Well packaged and did exactly what it said it would do. Like another reviewer said, best to start with 3-5 sprays, but alter to an amount that works best for you. Just make sure you spray directly on to the head and not the shaft!! Will definitely buy again 👍’ 



Delay Condoms 

EXS Delay Endurance Condoms ensure an ample time for attentive, satisfying stimulation with your partner. Crafted from natural latex, they provide a comfortable fit, allowing freedom of movement while reducing friction. To use, simply massage the numbing agent into the head of the penis after rolling on the condom. EXS Delay Endurance Condoms stand out as one of the safest and most effective solutions for delaying ejaculation while keeping wrapped up, promising an enjoyable and fulfilling sexual experience for all parties involved. 


Review of our Delay Condoms: 

‘Excellent quality product and a unique delay/numbing effect for longevity. Just remember to put them on the right way 😊.’ 


Delay Wipes  

EXS Delay Wipes work as a mild desensitiser, to slow down stimulation and in turn allow for delayed ejaculation. The wipes are individually wrapped to stay fresh for when you need them. To apply, pull back the foreskin and simply rub the wipe on the end of the penis. This will create a numbing sensation after 30 minutes. The delay wipes are discreet and easy to apply anywhere, at any time, making these the perfect Delay Products for those spontaneous one night stands. 


Natural Tips to Last Longer During Sex 

Although there are products which can help enhance your spontaneous intimate moments, it’s also worth trying natural remedies alongside the Delay Range to help address the causes while prolonging your pleasure in the short term: 


  • Quit Smoking: Research indicates that smoking can lead to sexual dysfunction by impairing circulation and reducing sperm count and viability. Quitting smoking may increase sperm count and volume, as well as improve erectile function. 


  • Exercise: Regular physical activity and weight management can enhance sexual performance and cardiovascular health. Aerobic exercise, performed for at least 40 minutes four times a week, may also improve erectile function and increase endurance in the bedroom. 


  • Therapy: Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED). Therapy and counselling can address underlying psychological factors that may be causing or exacerbating ED symptoms. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has shown promising results in improving ED symptoms, particularly in younger individuals. 


  • Acupuncture: Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practices like acupuncture have been used for centuries to treat various ailments, including ED. While research on acupuncture's effectiveness in treating ED is limited, some studies have shown positive results. Acupuncture may stimulate the nervous system and affect natural opioids and hormones, potentially improving overall wellness and reducing stress and chronic pain. 


  • Address Underlying Health Conditions: Erectile dysfunction can sometimes be a symptom of underlying health conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes, or cardiovascular problems. Consulting with a healthcare professional for a thorough physical examination can help identify and address any potential underlying issues contributing to ED. 


  • Dietary Changes: Following a healthy, balanced diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, fish, and healthy fats, may positively impact sexual function. Studies have shown that individuals adhering to the Mediterranean diet experience lower rates of ED. Additionally, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is crucial for promoting blood circulation, essential for achieving and maintaining an erection. 


EXS: Your Secret to Lasting Longer 


The pursuit of lasting longer in the bedroom isn't just about extending pleasure—it's about fostering confidence, intimacy, and satisfaction for both partners. Premature ejaculation can be a challenging hurdle, affecting individuals regardless of age, but with understanding and effective solutions, such as our Delay Range, it's a challenge that can be overcome.  

Let EXS be your partner in maximising pleasure and intimacy in the bedroom, empowering you to enjoy and explore the depths of your sexual potential. We offer a comprehensive range of delay solutions, ensuring that condoms and our other products never hinder but instead enhance intimate moments.  

And don’t forget to check out our brand new EXS Delay Cream! 


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