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EXS Ultra Delay Pack

Experience unparalleled endurance and prolonged pleasure with our Ultra Delay Pack, a comprehensive bundle designed to elevate your intimate encounters. This ultimate pack includes EXS Delay Cream +, EXS Delay Spray +, and 48 x Delay Condoms, offering a complete solution for delaying ejaculation and enhancing satisfaction for both you and your partner.

Delay Cream +

EXS Delay Cream + is your key to extended pleasure and heightened intimacy. Formulated to delay climax effectively, this cream provides a gentle desensitising effect, allowing you to prolong intimate moments and savour every sensation. With easy application, you can enjoy longer-lasting pleasure without sacrificing sensitivity.

Delay Spray +

Step up your performance with EXS Delay Spray +, an advanced formula crafted to enhance endurance and control. Infused with potent ingredients like clove oil, this spray delivers intensified effects, prolonging intimate encounters and maximising satisfaction. With its convenient spray application, you can achieve extended pleasure with ease.

Delay Condoms

EXS Delay Condoms offer superior protection and prolonged pleasure in every encounter. Designed with a drop of Lidocaine (1%) inside the condom, these condoms provide effective delay of ejaculation, allowing for extended intimacy and heightened pleasure. With their natural latex construction and comfortable fit, you can enjoy peace of mind and enhanced satisfaction with every use.

Elevate your intimate experiences to new heights with the Ultra Delay Pack from EXS. Unleash extended pleasure, boost confidence, and enjoy unforgettable moments of intimacy with this ultimate delay solution.