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EXS Ultimate Delay Bundle

Elevate your intimate experiences with our Ultimate Delay Bundle, a comprehensive solution for enhancing endurance and prolonging pleasure. This ultimate bundle includes EXS Delay Cream +, EXS Delay Spray +, and EXS Delay Wipes, offering a complete arsenal to address premature ejaculation and boost confidence in the bedroom.

Delay Cream +

EXS Delay Cream+ is formulated to provide longer-lasting intimacy and delay climax effectively. With its easy-to-apply formula, this cream ensures every moment counts, allowing you to savour intimate moments without worry. Its gentle desensitising effect helps slow down stimulation, extending the duration of intercourse for heightened pleasure.

Delay Spray +

Step up your performance with EXS Delay Spray+, an advanced formula designed to offer enhanced endurance and control. Crafted with potent ingredients like clove oil, this spray delivers intensified effects, providing even greater stamina and prolonging intimate encounters. With just a few sprays, you can experience prolonged pleasure and satisfaction.

Delay Wipes

EXS Delay Wipes offer discreet and convenient relief from premature ejaculation. Individually wrapped for freshness and convenience, these wipes are designed to slow down stimulation, allowing for delayed ejaculation and prolonged intimacy. With easy application, you can discreetly use them anywhere, anytime, ensuring confidence and satisfaction in every encounter.

Experience the ultimate in endurance and pleasure with the Ultimate Delay Bundle from EXS. Boost your confidence, prolong your pleasure, and elevate your intimate moments with this comprehensive delay solution.