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EXS Twin Delay Pack (Spray and Cream)

Elevate your intimate experiences with our Twin Delay Pack (Spray and Cream). This dynamic duo combines EXS Delay Cream + and EXS Delay Spray + to enhance your sexual performance, prolonging pleasure for both you and your partner.

Delay Cream +

EXS Delay Cream + offers a pleasurable solution for delaying climax and prolonging intimacy. Crafted with a new formula, this cream helps extend your passionate moments, ensuring longer-lasting pleasure. With its easy application, every moment becomes an opportunity for heightened enjoyment.

Delay Spray +

Trusted by men worldwide, EXS Delay Spray + is renowned for its efficacy in prolonging sexual encounters. Formulated with clove oil as the primary ingredient, this spray temporarily reduces sensitivity, allowing for controlled and pleasurable sex. With just 3-5 sprays, EXS Endurance Delay Spray + gently numbs the penis's end, potentially boosting endurance and extending your intimate experiences.

Address premature ejaculation effectively and enhance your bedroom adventures with the Twin Delay Pack (Spray and Cream) from EXS.