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EXS Pleasure Pack 1

Dive into a world of heightened pleasure with our Pleasure Pack 1, designed to intensify your intimate moments. This comprehensive bundle features a variety of EXS products, including the best-selling Variety Condom Pack 1 and our Clear Lube 100ml, accompanied by a FREE EXS Vibrating Ring for added stimulation and excitement.

EXS Condoms Variety Pack 1

Unveil an array of sensations with our Variety Pack 1, offering 12 varieties of EXS condoms in a mixed pack. From tantalizing flavours to ultra-thin textures and ribbed & dotted designs, this assortment ensures a thrilling experience with every encounter. Plus, rest assured with our vegan-friendly and cruelty-free formula, providing maximum pleasure without compromising your values.

Clear Lube 100ml

Elevate your pleasure with our Clear Lube 100ml, crafted to intensify intimacy and provide a silky-smooth experience. Our water-based formula ensures compatibility with condoms and vibrators, while the easy-to-use pump bottle guarantees convenience. Enjoy a non-sticky, odorless formula that enhances every touch, fulfilling your desires without any discomfort.

FREE EXS Vibrating Ring

Experience heightened pleasure with our FREE EXS Vibrating Ring, designed for extra stimulation and safe sex. Slip on the G-Lover Cock Ring to radiate delightful vibrations down the shaft, enhancing pleasure for both partners. Whether used during intercourse or for sensual exploration of erogenous zones, this ring elevates intimacy to new heights, ensuring unforgettable experiences with every use.