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Navigating Condom Types: Finding the Right Condom for Me

Navigating Condom Types: Finding the Right Condom for Me

Ever wondered what condom you should buy? When it comes to sexual wellness, choosing the right condom is crucial for both safety and pleasure, but it can be tricky to navigate. With over 30 years of experience, EXS Condoms offer a diverse range of condoms that surpasses those of other leading brands. From the EXS Air Thin to our Extra Thick, straight walled to flared head, EXS Condoms caters to every preference, ensuring a delightful and safe experience for everyone.

Here, we share the ins and outs of our condom range to make it an easy choice. A one-stop shop for your condom knowledge.

EXS Nano Thin Condoms

For an almost skin-on-skin feel with the same level of protection, choose EXS Nano Thin Condoms. With a thickness of only 0.048mm, these condoms are flexible, strong, and suitable for vaginal, anal, and oral sex. The natural latex and silicone-based lubricants provide outstanding slickness for a smooth experience.

EXS Air Thin Condoms

For those who seek the sensation of bare skin contact and an even thinner condom, EXS Air Thin Condoms are the ultimate choice. At just 0.040mm thick, these condoms are exceptionally soft and thin, providing maximum intimacy and safety. The anatomical shape ensures a perfect fit, allowing for natural movement without any discomfort. Suitable for all types of sex, these tasteless and odourless condoms are made from all-natural latex, paraben-free, and vegan-friendly. 

EXS Mixed Flavoured Condoms

Ignite your senses with EXS Mixed Flavoured Condoms, designed to add a touch of kink to oral sex. With playful flavours like Cola, Chocolate, Strawberry Sundae, and Bubblegum, these condoms are made from natural latex, electronically tested for safety, and vegan certified by the Vegan Society.

EXS Ribbed and Dotted Condoms

Enhance your intimate experience with EXS Ribbed and Dotted Condoms, designed for intense stimulation. The unique texture, raised ribs, and dots, along with silicone-based lubrication, add excitement for both partners during vaginal or anal intercourse.

EXS Snug Fit Condoms

Perfect for a tighter fit, EXS Snug Fit Condoms are ideal for those with a more modest-sized penis. With a straight wall and a thickness of 0.073mm, these condoms stay firmly in place after ejaculation, providing a boost to your love life.

EXS Magnum Extra Large Condoms

For those who need a larger size, EXS Magnum Extra Large Condoms provide a comfortable fit with a flared head and teat tip. These condoms, with a thickness of 0.073mm, are made from silky natural latex and are vegan-certified by the Vegan Society.

EXS Delay Endurance Condoms

Boost your sexual performance and delay ejaculation with EXS Delay Endurance Condoms. Infused with Lidocaine (1%), these condoms offer prolonged pleasure and comfort. Made from natural latex, they have a comfortable fit and are suitable for vaginal or anal intercourse.

EXS Extra Thick Condoms

For those seeking extra safety during rough or anal sex, EXS Extra Thick Condoms with a thickness of 0.082mm provide outstanding slickness and comfort. Suitable for oral, vaginal, and anal sex, these condoms offer a secure fit without compromising pleasure.

EXS Glow in the Dark Condoms

Add a touch of excitement with EXS Glow in the Dark Condoms. Perfect for those intimate moments, these condoms are made from natural latex and feature a specially formulated warming lubricant for added comfort.

EXS Cooling & Warming Condoms

Discover a spectrum of sensations with EXS Cooling and Warming Condoms. The EXS Cooling Condom features smooth, plain, natural latex construction, flared, teat-ended design, and a specially formulated cooling lubricant for a comfy fit with a refreshing touch. Meanwhile, the EXS Warming Condoms offer a similar design but are lubricated with a warming formula, ensuring a comfortable fit with a gentle warmth. Experience the best of both worlds as these condoms prioritise both comfort and the delightful sensations of cooling and warming for an enhanced intimate connection with your partner.

EXS Black Latex Condoms

Delve into bedroom kinks with EXS Black Latex Condoms. Wider than regular condoms, these provide a comfortable feel without compromising safety. With a thickness of 0.073mm, these condoms are perfect for those who like a little more room.


EXS Pure

If you're looking for a condom that feels like wearing nothing at all, try EXS Pure. Teat-ended, natural latex, and silicone lubricated, EXS Pure condoms maximise pleasure without the latex smell. Embracing environmental responsibility, these condoms are fully recyclable, cruelty-free, and made from RRI Latex (Regenerative Rubber Initiative) for fairness, equality, and sustainability.

EXS: One Brand, Endless Choice

EXS Condoms offer a comprehensive range of options to suit every preference and desire - for use with oral, vaginal or anal sex. All-natural latex, paraben-free, and vegan-friendly, these condoms prioritise safety, pleasure, and environmental responsibility. Whether you're seeking the ultra-thin sensation of EXS Air Thin or the intense stimulation of EXS Ribbed and Dotted, EXS Condoms have the perfect fit for you and your partner. Choose the right condom and elevate your intimate moments with EXS Condoms, the UK's largest independent condom supplier.

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