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Twin Delay Pack (Spray and Spray+)

Experience heightened endurance and prolonged pleasure with our Twin Delay Pack (Spray and Spray+). This duo of best selling products includes EXS Delay Spray and EXS Delay Spray+, offering an effective solution for addressing premature ejaculation and enhancing your intimate moments.

Delay Spray

EXS Delay Spray has earned the trust of men worldwide as one of the most reliable delay sprays on the market. Its formulation, featuring clove oil as the main ingredient, temporarily reduces sensitivity, allowing for controlled and pleasurable sex. With just 3-5 sprays, EXS Delay Spray gently numbs the penis's end, potentially boosting endurance and extending your intimate encounters.

Delay Spray+

Step up your performance with EXS Delay Spray+, an advanced formula designed for prolonged pleasure. With an intensified effect compared to the standard delay spray, Delay Spray+ offers an enhanced solution for addressing premature ejaculation. Crafted with the same trusted ingredients, including clove oil, this spray provides even greater endurance and control, ensuring satisfaction for you and your partner.

Experience the ultimate in endurance and pleasure with the Twin Delay Pack (Spray and Spray+) from EXS.