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Into The Wylde Personal Lubricant | 75ml

Into the Wylde lube is eminently suitable for women because:

Let's see what the creator has to say...

It contains no glycerine.

Glycerine, found in most intimate lubricants, feeds the fungus Candida albicans, even at low concentrations. Candida albicans is responsible for most cases of vaginal thrush. Glycerine also increases the osmolarity of a lube, making damage to vaginal mucosa more likely, and therefore more susceptible to opportunistic infection by Candida spp., Gardnerella vaginalis or other pathogens. More about osmolarity later.

It is pH balanced with the vagina 

the vagina is naturally acidic at around pH 3.8 - 4.5. This is so that it can keep itself free from microbial infections - if the vagina becomes more slightly alkaline it can become more hospitable for opportunistic infection. Interestingly, a fungal infection can (though not necessarily) also make the vaginal canal less acidic. Another interesting fact, sperm has a more alkaline pH than the vagina. If you are trying to conceive, it may be better for you to use a lube specifically designed for this is one that has a pH matching sperm - do note that a lube for TTC may be more irritating to your vagina purely because of this pH issue.

It has a low osmolarity (around 227mOsm/kg)

WHO recommends under 380mOsm/kg for intimate lubricants). This means that because of their composition, they have little to no osmotic pull on the tissues they are applied to, meaning that they are less drying and damaging to vaginal mucosa. Hyper-osmolar products (containing concentrations of components higher than the body's cells) may increase suspect ability to infection through drying and damage to the skin.

It contains lactic acid

which is produced naturally by the vagina as one of the defence mechanisms to help maintain its acidity. Lactic acid supports a healthy vaginal microbiome. Our lubes have added lactic acid for that little bit of VLC. It contains a unique blend of traditional botanicals. We've included these due to their long use in western herbal medicine. We are a herbalist-led brand.

It contains no nasties

no chemicals thought to be toxic, such as spermicides (such as Nonoxynol-9 which is a detergent which can 'punch' holes in sperm membrane walls), chlorhexidine (an antibacterial agent, which can disrupt natural vaginal flora), parabens (which are preservatives thought to have hormone disrupting properties) or Octoxynol 9 (an emulsifying agent, which may be an irritant). It is thought that, depending on the substance, the exposure and the individual's physiology, a percentage of what goes on the skin enters the blood stream, and vaginal mucosa is some of the most absorbent tissue on the body (without metabolising that which it absorbs). This means that it's especially important that we know what is going on and in us. Some toxins could also be irritant. Any irritation to the vaginal mucosa can cause damage to the tissues on a micro level, which leaves it more likely to opportunistic infection such as Candida albicans. See below for a bit more on some of the nasties we avoid.

Being a vegan herbalist

led brand we believe that plants are pretty cool. Complex synergistic chemistry, low environmental impact, no impact on animals, and no animal testing. Wylde One has 99% natural ingredients and is registered by The Vegan Society.

It is 97% organic and is registered with the Soil Association

we believe that no pesticides are best for our bodies and the planet. We are Totally Natural, Passionately Organic, Intimately Wylde.

It has a lasting slick feeling 

thereby a low reapplication rate.

It is non sticky, non staining.

It loves the vaginal microbiome

which in turn help to keep the balance between 'bad' pathogens and 'good' bacteria on the happy side.

Our lube helps you experience pleasure and support you in safely returning to exploring your sensual and sexual anatomy.

Wylde One is a water based lube.

This means it is compatible with condoms and has been tested to be so. It is also suitable for use with all types of toys. It has been tested to be noncytotoxic (not harmful to human cell lines).

Winner of Janey Loves 2020 Platinum Awards, Feminine Care category.

BPA-free packaging, with a carbon footprint 40% lower than comparable tubes. We say