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Beppy Dry Sponges

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? There are two types of Beppy's, WET and DRY - This listing is for BEPPY DRY.

Both adapt to the contours of your body and can be used for up to 8 hours during your period.
Ideal for special occasions, sports, sauna, sex etc.

DRY has an anatomical shape.
DRY is for the experienced user.

WHEN TO USE BEPPY? Carefree, comfortable, anytime, anywhere.
Beppy gives a safe and secure feeling during sports. Our users do pilates, horseback riding, endurance sports, team sports or accomplishing a marathon or triathlon without care or discomfort. With Beppy you are literally protected invisibly for up to 8 hours.
Beppy is a soft flexible tampon, which adapts completely to the shape of you. Beppy always fits, has no-string, so is invisible. Beppy is breathable and does not contain any toxic (chloride) substances. With Beppy you can be clean and comfortable, while making love!

Change your Beppy after no more than 8 hours. Sports, sauna or a night out - You won't even notice that you have a Beppy in, because of Beppy's soft structure. Please, don't forget to change Beppy on time. Change more often if you have a heavy period. Dermatological and clinical trials have proven that Beppy's are safe and cause no irritation Beppy cannot get lost in your body! Most fluid is collected on top of Beppy, so you can remove Beppy reasonably clean. Use your index finger, feel the removal loop and use it to pull Beppy out. Squatting or some light pressure helps. Never re-use Beppy. Never flush Beppy through the toilet!

Sex during your period? You can. Making love during menstruation can be very relaxing or even relieve your menstrual pain. With Beppy, you can have sex and stay clean during your menstruation. Beppy is very soft and flexible. Trial-use Beppy your first time without having sex, if comfortable, use Beppy during sex. After intercourse, wait till your vagina is less stretched out, then remove. Beppy is not a contraceptive.

  • A quick and easy way to manage your period
  • Continue to enjoy lovemaking during that time of the month
  • No awkward strings or cords
  • Comfortable to wear and you won't dry out.
  • Change after no more than 8 hours, just like other tampons.