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Introducing the EXS Vegan range of condoms which have been ethically manufactured and verified by both the Vegan Society and PETA. 

People often ask ‘what makes your condoms vegan?’ and the answer is straight forward. Firstly, EXS condoms do not undergo any form of animal testing. Secondly, EXS condoms do not contain Casein which is a derivative of milk protein. Some other condom brands include Casein as a way of softening the latex, however we have found vegan friendly alternative production methods which achieve the same result.

As part of the EXS vegan condom range, we have over 8 varieties of vegan certified condom types. This means, we have you covered from large condoms (EXS Magnum) to tighter fitting (EXS Snug Fit), flavoured condoms (EXS Mixed Flavoured) to thin condoms (EXS Nano Thin). 

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