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EXS Premium Delay Pack (Spray)

Experience prolonged pleasure and heightened intimacy with our Premium Delay Pack (Spray). This meticulously curated bundle features EXS Delay Endurance Condoms and our innovative Delay Spray Plus, designed to enhance your sexual performance and extend your intimate moments.

Delay Condoms

EXS Delay Endurance Condoms are specially crafted to offer prolonged pleasure and delay ejaculation, ensuring a fulfilling experience for both partners. Infused with a drop of Lidocaine (1%) inside the condom, these condoms provide a mild numbing effect to help prevent premature ejaculation. The silicone-based lubricant exterior further enhances slickness, offering heightened pleasure for your partner. Made from natural latex for a comfortable fit, these condoms allow for unrestricted movement while reducing friction and increasing slickness. Simply massage the numbing agent into the head of your penis after rolling on the condom for maximum effectiveness.

Delay Spray +

EXS Delay Spray + has earned its reputation as one of the most trusted delay sprays worldwide. Formulated with clove oil as the main ingredient, this spray temporarily lessens sensitivity, allowing for controlled and pleasurable sex. With just 3-5 sprays, EXS Delay Spray + gently numbs the penis's end to reduce sensitivity and potentially boost endurance, prolonging your intimate moments. Address premature ejaculation with ease and prolong your bedroom adventures with EXS Delay Spray +.