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Night Out Essentials – How to Stay Safe’ or ‘Essential Items to Carry on a Night Out

Night Out Essentials – How to Stay Safe’ or ‘Essential Items to Carry on a Night Out

We all love a night out, whether that’s an occasional spontaneous adventure, or a weekly planned occurrence, they both come with excitement and anticipation. However, amidst the fun and social aspect, it’s crucial to prioritise your safety, more specifically, your sexual safety.  


Why it's Important to Take Accountability for your Own Sexual Safety 


Never feel pressured. Being proactive about your sexual safety starts with consent. Understanding consent and setting boundaries is essential to make sure you and your sexual partner/s are comfortable. Let’s discuss safe sex. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘don’t worry, I’m on the pill’ or have you ever been asked whether you are on some form of contraception which then depicts the next decision whether to wear a condom or not. Condoms are more than just a prevention from unwanted pregnancies, they are a barrier to protect you and your sexual partner from catching and spreading STIs. Take charge of your own safety. 



Essential Items to Pack 

We have put together key items to take with you when going on a night out. 


1 – Condoms  


Society has taught us that condoms aren’t cool and that they take away from the pleasure. As the condom experts, we can confirm this is not the case. We’re lucky that we live in an era where there are condoms that cater for everyone. We have different sized condoms for optimum pleasure and the list is endless, air thin condoms, ribbed and dotted, performance enhancing condoms, flavoured condoms and more. 


Remember, get wrapping before you get those cheeks clapping.


Against popular belief, condoms aren’t just for males. Female condoms are an effective way to protect against unwanted pregnancies and STIs. Some women even say they experience more pleasure due to the outer ring stimulating their clitoris.  


2 – Sachets of Lubricant  


Using lubricants reduces friction and can help you ease into things. If it’s your first time having sex with someone you have just met on a night out, chances are, you might need a bit of a helping hand from lube. Did you know, using lube also reduces the risk of condom breakage and therefore increases your protection against unwanted pregnancies and STIs.  

At EXS, we offer lube sachets, so you don’t need to carry a whole bottle out with you. We have a variety pack with our four flavours, so you can trial out and test which one is your favourite. Not into flavoured lubes? We also have a range of unscented lubricants if flavours aren’t your thing.  


3 – Toothbrush or Mints  


Let’s imagine the night goes well and you end up staying until the next day. You want to be prepared for what may come in the morning, whether that’s an awkward goodbye or picking up where you left off.  


4 – Phone Charger 


Now let’s imagine the night doesn’t go well. Do you have your go-to escape plan? Do you have a designated friend that calls you with a rehearsed emergency? To make sure you are prepared for this unfortunate scenario, make sure you have a phone charger with you. 



5 – Anti-Spiking Bottle Stopper 


It’s important to be able to enjoy your night, without having to hold your hand over your drink for the whole duration. With these Anti-Spiking Bottle Stoppers, you can put your mind at ease knowing that no one is going to spike your drink.  


6 – Blue Boost Pill 


Our ultimate libido supplement, Blue Boost, is sure to rev up your passion and enhance your performance. We recommend these if you are wanting to welcome a wild ride. 

This product is designed for males, and we recommend taking this pill 30 minutes before activity. This gives you a sufficient amount of time to set the scene and enjoy foreplay. 



7 – Delay Wipes 


Wanting to impress? We have a whole delay range that is designed for extended pleasure. We recommend Delay Spray Plus, however, if you’re out and don’t know whether you will be spending the night at yours or someone else’s, then the Delay Wipes are the more practical option.  

These products are designed for men, however, that’s not to say women can’t carry them on nights out so they too can have the adequate amount of time to enjoy their experience, thoroughly. Please note we are not responsible for any males' egos if you whip out one of our Delay Wipes just before you get it on.  


8 – Oral Dams  


This is something we often find ourselves having to educate people on, even though they are an essential product for sexual safety. Have you ever heard about oral dams? Oral Dams act as a barrier against STIs. They are used for oral sex involving contact between the mouth and the vulva, or the mouth and the anus. They are the perfect product if you are wanting to have some fun without going the (w)hole way.  



9 – Vibrating Cock Ring 


If you are somebody that likes to spice things up in the bedroom but a vibrator or an 8-inch dildo is just too big to take with you on a night out, then a vibrating cock ring may be your answer. This toy is the perfect addition that doesn’t take up too much room in your bag or pocket but creates pleasure for all parties involved. 



EXS Condoms: Your Trusty Sidekick 


Nights out can be a great way to unwind and meet new people but remember to stay safe out there! Whether you have no expectations or are out hoping to get lucky, EXS Condoms have got you covered. Because when it comes to sex, it's not just about pleasure – it's about safety too.  


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