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EXS Pull

EXS Pull

Have you heard about the latest innovation in the world of condoms?

EXS has introduced a new line of non-latex condoms that are truly revolutionary. These condoms feature pull-down tabs on the side, making application easier than ever before. But that's not all - these condoms are also the thinnest yet, with a thickness of just 0.008mm. Let's dive into the details of these game-changing condoms                                                       

What makes these condoms different?

The pull-down tabs on the side of these condoms make them incredibly easy to apply. No more fumbling with packaging or struggling to figure out which way is up. With just a simple pull, you can have the condom in place and ready to go. This innovative design is a game changer for those looking for a hassle-free experience.

Why choose these condoms?

Not only are these condoms easy to use, but they are also our thinnest yet. With a thickness of just 0.008mm, you'll barely even notice you're wearing one. This ultra-thin design provides maximum sensitivity and pleasure, without compromising on safety.

Convenient pack sizes

EXS offers these revolutionary condoms in pack sizes of 3, 6, and 72. The 3-pack is especially convenient, coming in a compact credit card design that you can easily carry around in your wallet. This means you'll always be prepared, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

So, if you're looking for a condom that is easy to use, ultra-thin, and convenient to carry, look no further than EXS's new pull-down tab condoms. Experience the future of safe and pleasurable intimacy with these innovative condoms.



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