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EXS Range Warming & Cooling Condoms

EXS Range Warming & Cooling Condoms

Here at LTC Healthcare we are pleased to announce that we have got NEW CONDOMS.

They have arrived and are already available on our website for online ordering.

New Addition #1: The New Cooling Condom

In order to increase the pleasure for Both Partners, we have recently added the EXS Cooling condoms which are lubricated with a specially formulated cooling lubricant.

The design of this condom is a Smooth and plain natural latex.

It has got a flared end and also got a teat at the end of it.

New Addition #2: The New Warming Condom

Warming Condom

And the EXS Warming, are lubricated with a specially formulated warming lubricant that gives you and your partner a feeling of comfort and duplicated sensations.

The design of this condom is a Smooth & plain natural latex.

And as its other half the Cooling condom, it has got a flared and teat ended.

What are the Pack Sizes?

At the moment you can find the EXS Warming and EXS Cooling Condoms in 144 packs.

You can now add them to your next order and make some more customers even more happy than they were before!

We have already seen plenty of orders with these 2 condoms in, so do not wait too long and add them to your basket!

We cannot wait for you to try these fabulous condoms and give your customers the best they deserve. With EXS you will be selling the best British quality condoms to your best customers.

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